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The Maddux Project – Seattle, WA

-Demolish structures onsite.

-Excavated, hauled and disposed of 30,000 tons of contaminated soils.

-Over-excavate footings to remove contamination.

-Bring entire site back up to design grade for new apartment complex.

-Set subgrade for new concrete sidewalks.

-Removed previously unknown underground storage tanks.

-Installed water, sewer and storm utilities.

Private Contaminated Soil Project – Lynnwood, WA

-Demolished existing structure and surrounding hardscapes.

-Hauled and disposed of 12,500 tons of petroleum contaminated soil.

-Backfilled with gravel borrow and compacted to 95% density per geotechnical specifications.

-Managed extensive groundwater and unknown underground storage tanks.

-Performed site restoration for future development.

-Oversaw large shoring subcontractor onsite.

Mine Reclamation -
Enumclaw, WA

-Mixed inert material mined onsite with actively burning coal tailings and a fire-retardant water     solution to mitigate fire hazard.

-Mixed and moved approximately 200,000 yards of material using heavy equipment.

-Responded on an emergency basis and upheld an aggressive timeline.

-Installed erosion control and hydroseeded site.

BH Demolition and Abatement –    Kellogg, ID

-Performed asbestos abatement of roofing and siding.

-Demolish structure and concrete slabs, walls and footings.

-Loaded, hauled and disposed of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

2 Elementary School Demolitions and Site Restorations –                                      Kent and Seatac, WA

-Full demolition of two existing elementary schools.

-Oversaw geothermal well drilling subcontractor.

-Projects ran concurrently across two cities.

-Cut, fill and compact to design elevations to create a “pad ready” site to turn        over to GCCM to build two new schools.

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